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Unlocking the full potential
of your assets.

Enhancing business efficiency through strategic asset utilization.

Streamline asset tracking, regulatory compliance, and maintenance.

Our objective is to collaborate with you, empowering you to harness your assets effectively for their intended purpose.

Proficient fixed asset management is pivotal yet inherently intricate.

Crown’s Fixed Asset Management System, is an adept solution designed to streamline the complexities surrounding asset tracking, regulatory compliance, and maintenance. Our foremost objective is to collaborate with organizations, empowering them to harness their assets effectively for their intended purpose. By driving better operational outcomes and ensuring optimal asset utilization, we strive to elevate your business success.

Key Features:

  1. Asset Lifespan Management

    Keep a close eye on your assets' age, maintenance, and service periods to proactively prevent unplanned breakdowns.

  2. Central Asset Database

    Access a centralized database for all your assets, regardless of their locations, streamlining asset information management.

  3. Mobile Physical Verification

    Use wireless scanners for inspections on the go, ensuring efficient and convenient asset verification.

  4. Data Security

    Prioritize the security of your assets with specialized software designed to safeguard asset data and ensure confidentiality.

  5. Inventory Management

    Oversee your extensive inventory by tagging and auditing assets using specialized handheld devices.

  6. Intuitive Software Dashboard

    Enjoy a user-friendly and adaptable interface for both desktop and mobile devices, making asset management effortless.

  7. Audit Management

    Perform real-time inspections and gather necessary information and details about assets efficiently.

  8. Wide Tagging Options

    Choose from a variety of tagging methods, including RFID, geo-tagging, and QR codes, providing flexibility in asset identification and tracking.

Unique Asset Tagging:

Crown FAM System offers a unique tagging system that assigns each asset an Exclusive Asset ID. This distinctive tagging eliminates confusion and ensures precise asset identification, simplifying asset management.

Specialized Handheld Devices:

The system includes handheld devices designed specifically for asset tracking and audits. These devices are programmed to work seamlessly with the unique asset tags, making audits smooth and efficient.

Real-time Audit Capability:

With real-time audit capabilities, the Crown FAM System allows you to perform inspections and gather essential information about assets in the field. This feature enables you to make informed decisions and maintain asset data accuracy.

Comprehensive Security Measures:

Data security is a priority, and the system includes software designed to safeguard asset information. It provides a secure environment for storing and managing asset data, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your assets’ information.

Maximize Your Asset Management

Unlock the Power of Crown Fixed Asset Management System

Efficient Asset Management: Real-time tracking, accurate depreciation management, and preventive maintenance for streamlined operations.

Centralized Data Hub: Access all assets in one database, eliminating location restrictions.

Mobile Auditing: Conduct wireless, hassle-free audits on the go.

Data Security: Prioritize confidentiality and integrity for asset data.

Inventory Oversight: Manage extensive inventory with specialized handheld devices.

User-Friendly Interface: Access intuitive software on desktop and mobile devices.

Real-Time Audit Insights: Make informed decisions during inspections.

Flexible Tagging: Choose RFID, QR codes, and more for adaptable asset identification.

Cost Savings: Optimize maintenance to prevent unplanned breakdowns and reduce expenses.

Compliance Assurance: Ensure adherence to regulations, avoiding penalties.

Enhanced Decision-Making: Access detailed reports and analytics for better performance.

Seamless Integration: Easily integrate with financial systems for accurate cost allocation.

Improved Workflow: Simplify asset management, reduce administrative tasks, and boost productivity.

What our clients say

  • star star star star star
    Crown has been highly impactful in transforming the way we handle and store crucial customer identification information. Their CKYC solution is fast, efficient, and unrivalled in terms of pricing and service quality.
  • star star star star star
    Our HR department at Perfetti Van Melle India greatly benefited from Crown's content management solution. With an enormous amount of physical documents to securely store, we were able to completely remove internal cabinets and seamlessly access data in a quicker way. This made hiring more efficient and allowed our company to grow faster. Crown's solution was also GDPR compliant, ensuring our data was handled securely.
  • star star star star star
    The key benefit is that all documents are available one click. We can log in an get any document we want. We can also search documents in several ways and it's very easy to find them. There is also a workflow in place around invoice processing and it is so much easier to manage.

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