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Helped to digitize paper process by customizing their workflow.


My Home Industries receives hundreds of orders for non-trade cement from their marketing team spread over 20 regional on a daily basis and every order has to undergo an approval process from the state head to MD for non-trade order procurement. Only after obtaining the final approval are non-trade orders generated in the SAP System and on the basis of an OA number the placement is generated at transport office. The cement is then loaded at the packing plant and thereafter a commercial invoice is generated at commercial office.

The non-trade order procurement generated a number of duplicate copies of each order during the approval process. The entire approval process through emails where the accounts team prepared a consolidated report by collecting information of each and every order and submitted to the MD for final approval, was quite time consuming and difficult to prepare reports on time.

To generate commercial invoice for each order, the account team had to refer to the diesel price value. With each states having different diesel prices which revise on a daily basis, the challenge for My Home industries was to prepare the invoice for each order and have a track on report. These reports were generated manually through Excel which was time consuming.

My Home Industries identified the requirement of a Document Management Application Software which could create word template with simple calculation functionality and a workflow process. The DMS had to integrate with SAP software helping generate reports with a click and also be accessible through mobile by way of a mobile based application.


Crown Records Management helped My Home Industries’ to digitize their paper based approval process by customising their workflow. Our Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) provided an entire Non trade order process to efficiently capture data, attach documents and get all the approvals on a single application. Taking data from SAP system to create consolidated reports of the entire day, report generation at particular time every day, workflow with history of each stage at pre-defined hours and value limited approval flow and comments were some of the improvements through EDMS. The EDMS thus helped My Home Industries to manage thousands of non-trade order received each month in an effective, cost efficient and secure manner.]

Crown Records Management helped My Home Industries’ to counter the dynamic diesel price effect on transportation cost by generating depot-wise transportation cost through one click. This solution reduced the manual effort and time taken to generate state-wise reports on daily basis for 170+ depos located in different states.


  • My Home Industries can now easily retrieve details of all the order in just one click. All Non trade orders from 20 regional office generated from DMS and the documents/invoices/bills received are automatically uploaded to the system, minimizing the process of manual   upload of documents. The documents are then digitally passed through series of approvals, eliminating the chance of losing the documents in transit.
  • All the reports required for internal or external audit purpose can now be generated with a simple click.
  • Auto-emails are generated for the stakeholders, informing the case status at each and every stage of the workflow.
  • My Home Industries can also comply with changes in the e-Forms/workflows as per their requirement, through the front end.
  • One click solution for creating transportation cost on daily basis.